Toowoomba is now more than ever a location on the build in a region on the move with the population and business innovation developing at an exceptional rate.

The number of people securing land to build new homes in the Land Man Estates continues to set new benchmarks. Of particular interest is a high proportion of sales have come from the southern States.

The southern families have bought land to build new homes and once complete will sell-up and leave their States to become permanent Toowoomba Region – Queensland residents.

This southern coming will be immense for the Toowoomba Region on a number of levels from the injection of skilled workers to their children who will delve into our world renown educational services along with every other fabric of our community offerings.

The growing Toowoomba Region population is in for a future of immense excitement with not only jobs but business innovations to bring bespoke entertainment to our doorstep.

Just like the founding fathers of America did for the emergence of the United States of America, Toowoomba’s very own Wagner family continues to propel our region forward through the quality execution of very smart and brilliantly researched ideas.

Their website is a great way to take in the innovations but the most recent announcement is around the proposed Motor Sport and Entertainment precinct, west of Wellcamp Airport.

The 700 hectare (7 km²) canvas will also include camping grounds for 5,000 vehicles and a 40,000 capacity open-air amphitheatre.

Proposed it may be, but reality it definitely is. Wagner Corporation will cover well over half of the $175 million dollar project and the State Government has committed $40 million.

There are exciting times ahead so strap on your seat belt.

Wellcamp Entertainment Precinct
Wellcamp Entertainment Precinct

Building a new home in the Toowoomba Region is a very smart idea and with your own personal execution you will be able to embrace a world of fun just down the road from your brand new front door.

With all that’s happening in the Toowoomba Region imagine what your new home will be worth in 10 years when the XXXV Olympiad comes along .

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