Building an Investment Property in the Toowoomba Region with the Brad Lipp ‘The Land Man’ team is full of incentives.

These incentives extend from the current vacancy rates and rental yields in the Toowoomba Region. On top of this is the bespoke land specialist service provided by Brad Lipp.

Investment Homes are self-descriptive; A house built by a person with the specific intent of earning a return on the investment by renting the house out.

Toowoomba is in desperate need of more rental accommodation with vacancy rates at a ‘crisis’ level, hovering around 0.7%.

‘Crisis’ is the word used by Toowoomba Mayor Cr Paul Antonio to explain the lack of rental accommodation in the Toowoomba Region.

The low occupancy rates coupled with solid rental yields makes investing in the Toowoomba Region housing market a solid option. On the figures alone it can be considered a solid investment.

Build brand new

The option of building an investment property has many advantages over buying an old house.

Building an investment property naturally means everything in the home is new. That can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

The real advantage lies in the power of designing a new home that will perfectly accommodate the Toowoomba rental market.

Understanding the market is the absolute vital investment component where you’ll be at an advantage with the Land Man team.

Investment Property Toowoomba
Investment Property Toowoomba

According to Brad Lipp ‘The Land Man’, “There are specific home designs that best accommodate renters across Toowoomba’s four distinct seasons”.

“Getting these home design features right best ensures you of attracting a long term renter with the desired rental yield”, Brad said.

Strong opportunities currently exist in the exclusively sold Land Man Estates. The cost of your investment home can also be varied to suit a range of budgets.

Finding Land to build your investment home is transparent and highly functional with the Land Man team due to the unmatched volume of Toowoomba Region Estate’s they graciously service.

“In a one-stop-shop approach, we can speak to a number of local new home builders about designing your investment home,” Brad said.

Investment Property Toowoomba
Investment Property Toowoomba

“We can then help you understand and decide on the best design solution to marry up with the best rental market requirements.

Our advice will ensure your investment home meets the market requirements.”

Another advantage of building a new investment property with Brad is the immediate access to the Colliers Toowoomba Property Managers.

Your entire investment property building journey will be seamless with The Land Man team.

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