Investing in Property with the Land Man team

The decision to build an investment home in the Toowoomba Region is stacked with positives. But to capitalise on these positives you must first position yourself in the right environment.

The trick is to intelligently partner with a respected and experienced advisory team. Brad Lipp ‘The Land Man’ has you covered with more than two decades of experience in the real estate industry.

With a motivated focus on identifying clients’ needs Brad can deliver a tailor-made service in a transparent atmosphere. This instinctive approach promotes an enjoyable, trouble-free experience for property investors.

The important “location, location, location” second key factor in building an investment home is well served through Brad’s renown client first approach.

As the Toowoomba Region Land Specialist, Brad is acutely aware of the best locations to build an investment home which will reap best returns. After all, this is what an Investment Property is all about – making a solid return.

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A major advantage Brad has in providing you with the best location advice is his leading portfolio of residential developments. Right now, there are a number of Lots around the Toowoomba Region which are prime investment areas.

These available Lots are carefully included in some Estates to ensure a dominant presence of owner occupiers which is the secret to creating a progressive family friendly community.

Building an investment property located in a Land Man Estate means your asset will be more highly sought after by the exact people you are wanting to attract – respectful long-term renters looking to live in a community they can flourish in.

The Positives

Your decision to build an investment property rather than a second-hand home is a smart decision.

Having abovementioned aligning yourself with a trusted advisor and the location of your build, here are some of the other positives Brad is available to outline to you in person.

Home Design

Building your investment home allows you to deploy a home design that the rental market is crying out for. The designs can include the required assets of modern family living from three to four bedrooms with the inclusion of a now much sought-after home office. Working from home in a rental allows the occupant to claim tax offsets.

An open planned living style with kitchen, dining and living room is highly regarded and also cost effective. The addition of an outdoor entertainment area will also do wonders with your rental yield.

Local Home Builders

Building local is the way to go – they’re the people living in our community!

At any given time, Brad can liaise with Home Builders with ready to go designs to get you making a return on investment sooner.

Available Land

With a leading portfolio Brad can take you through your land options.

You’ll also have access to corner blocks which are popular for investors with the ability to have two entrances in a duplex home.

Maintaining your Investment Property

With everything new, the cost of maintaining the property is non-existent compared to a second-hand home.

Appliance will also be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty!

Investment Home Specialists

The Land Man team only associates with specialist Home Loan Investment Brokers.

We can liaise with brokers who will provide you with absolute knowledge of not only your borrowing power but the ins and out of what you need to know about your commitment including strategies.

There is a long list of financial benefits of building an investment home with includes:

  • No stamp duty on the build, just the land
  • Depreciation of eligible plant and equipment assets on the property
  • The Queensland Home Warranty Scheme is written into your building contract
  • A modern design and well-located investment property will promote capital growth

Check out what the ATO says below.

And finally, when investing in residential property you want to maintain a long-term focus.

Over time the value of real estate increases and as we’ve seen in recent times that increase can be quite dramatic.

As your equity grows you can have the opportunity to create a property investment portfolio.

To start your investment property journey simply contact the Land Man team.

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